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Celebrity News

Rod Stewart's Horoscope Nixed Marriage to Condoleezza Rice

March 14, 2005 Staff

HOLLYWOOD – While horoscope after horoscope from lesser astrologers confidently predicted that Rod Stewart would propose to Condoleezza Rice last weekend, Dim Son, Unconfirmed Sources astrologer to the stars, correctly foretold the former rock singer’s [Read more]

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World News

Syrian President Bashar Assad Demands George W. Bush Pull Out of Iraq.

March 12, 2005 Staff

Syrian President, Bashar Assad on Friday flatly rejected any partial withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, saying he will not accept the kind of “half-measures” Washington is expected to propose as a compromise. “There are [Read more]

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National News

Bill Clinton Having Sex Change Operation

March 8, 2005 Staff

NEW YORK – Unconfirmed Sources has just learned that former President Bill Clinton, who underwent quadruple bypass surgery in September, will have a sex change operation Thursday at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center. Although [Read more]

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National News

Tiger Woods and Vin Diesel Join Horoscope Author Dim Son at Number One

March 7, 2005 Staff

HOLLYWOOD – Golfer Tiger Woods and tough-guy-turned-nanny Vin Diesel have joined Dim Son, Unconfirmed Sources astrologer to the stars, at the top of their respective professions. As Woods regained golf’s number one ranking over the [Read more]