Iraq has said it would review the status of all security firms after what it called a “flagrant assault” by Blackwater contractors in which 20 people were killed while the firm was escorting an embassy convoy through Baghdad.

In a statement sent to Americans in Iraq, the U.S. embassy in Baghdad said a temporary ban on leaving the International Zone was imposed to reassess security procedures.

“In light of the serious security incident involving a U.S. embassy protection detail … the embassy has suspended official U.S. government civilian ground movements outside the International Zone (IZ) and throughout Iraq,” it said.

The sprawling International Zone, better known as the Green Zone, houses the U.S and other Western embassies as well as many Iraqi government ministries.

The order barring U.S. civilians and diplomats from leaving the compound further isolates American officials from Iraqis amid already tight curbs on movement because of security fears.

While troops risk their lives on the booby-trapped, dangerous streets of Baghdad, U.S. military officers above the rank of colonel; U.S. embassy personnel. and most Iraqis associated with the government, NEVER venture far from the safety of the villas they live in;… walled enclaves in the Green Zone, guarded by trigger-happy Blackwater mercenaries.

When the top brass are ordered out of their protective enclaves by the White House for photo ops to prove ‘how the surge has made the streets safe’, they are surrounded by a protective wall of heavily armed troops and tanks. After the photos are taken with smiling kids bribed with candy, they are quickly whisked back to the security of the Green Zone,… replete with U.S. taxpayer provided MacDonald’s, coffee shops, a supermarket with imported food, night clubs, and other necessities

After years of war, the loss of over 3,000 young American lives and the expenditure of billions of dollars… The Green Zone is the ONLY tiny spot that can be called ‘safe’ for the invaders and plunderers of this sad, war-torn country.