4000 Dead : McCain and Bush Honor Iraq Wars Grim Milestone : Soldiers Families Receive Cake

WASHINGTON (Ucs News)- Senator John McCain concluded his whirlwind trip of the middle east with a visit to White House Rose Garden. President George W. Bush invited McCain to attend a ceremony honoring the wars 5th year and the 4000th US solider killed in Iraq. With the Arizona senator at his side, George Bush awarded the weeping family a double layer white angle food cake with white coconut frosting.

At the conclusion of the sombre ceremony marking the death of another brave solider, McCain and Bush together fielded questions from the Washington Press core. With McCain vigorously supporting the Bush administrations Iraq war policy, the pair faced tough questions in the wake of the tragic milestones.

The Washington Post corespondent demanded an explanation regarding the choice of angle food cake. According to the president “White angle food cake is a symbol of our nations greatness, while the coconut frosting speaks to the diversity of our great nation.” McCain followed up the president by stating “Yes Sir, angel food shows our commitment to the ideals of peace and freedom.”

Not to be out done the Associated Press staff reported questioned the Presidents choice of cake in general to mark the tragic event. “As this is the fifth birthday of the Iraq war wouldn’t a shiny new bicycle be more appropriate?” The president and Senator turned to each other both shrugging their shoulders. An awkward silence was broken several seconds later when the Band struck up hail to the chief. Following his cue the President ducked out leaving the stunned McCain to face the hostile reporters.