43% of Americans Believe that Tom Delay is an Evildoer

Unconfirmed sources report that a new study by the PEW Center found that 43% of Americans believe that Tom Delay is indeed an Evildoer. The results of the study could not have come at a worse time for Delay who is facing increasing pressure to resign from his position as Majority Leader in the House. The study of 1,200,000 likely voters found that not only do 43% of respondents think Delay is an Evildoer a further 34% believe he is an unethical crook.

“I have to tell you the results of the study caught us off guard.” Admitted Andrew Kuhut of the PEW Center. “We were just trying to study the level of trust Americans have in their elected officials. We figured people would think that many politicians are unethical, unprincipled, cretins who would do anything for a vote or a dollar. We had no idea Americans thought a politician was actually an Evildoer.”

The results of the study has created quite a controversy on Capitol Hill, causing even the normally unbiased and calm The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert Foundation to takes sides on the matter. Foundation President Harry Valentine issued a special Emergency Prayer Alert to its members to support Mr. Delay(the full transcript of the appeal can be found on the Prayer Alert web site):

Dear Christian Friend,

If you are a Bible-believing Christian who takes prayer seriously, you are needed on the front lines in the war for our nation’s soul. This battle is a must win for dedicated hypocritical, praying Christians.

Tom Delay A Christian Statesman is Under Fire and not an Evildoer

Delay is a bold dedicated Believer in Jesus Christ, not an Evildoer. His recently announced intention to shape a House agenda, boldly more conservative than that planned by the White House, has made him a target of the left, as well as by the FBI, DEA and Capitol Hill Police. We believe this is an effort to malign perhaps Washington’s most powerful and effective pro-life, pro-family, pro-corporate, pro-corruption and pro-death penalty leader. And he is not an Evildoer.

Let Us Prevail in Prayer for Tom Delay:

Father, we call upon You to let Tom Delay escape a lengthy prison term for violating campaign finance rules and conspiring to commit extortion. May Tom have the strength to disrupt the system of checks and balances so that we may gain control of the anti-life courts. Give Tom the strength to defeat the Bill Of Rights and other ungodly forces that are out to destroy America.


“Boy Tom has got a whole lot of trouble to deal with.” Said Kent Huxley of Common Cause. “An arrogant, out of control, unaccountable judiciary that thumbed their nose at the Congress and the president has got Tom is it’s cross hairs and is fighting mad. In a situation like this I think Tom should keep his head down. The fact that 43% of American think he is an Evildoer is going to make jury selection is his upcomming criminal trial a real bear.”

Tom Delay refused to comment on the results of the PEW study.