700-megahertz Wireless Spectrum Overshadows other Government Auctions

(Washington) Ucs News: While the focus is on AT&T, Verizon and Google as the battle for key beach front property of the digital spectrum, other critical auctions are ignored. Among items not receiving bids the 128-megahertz spectrum block, New Orleans 9th ward and Delaware.

According to auction managers the 700-megahertz Wireless Spectrum bid has surged past 4 Billion dollars, while the bids for Delaware have topped out at about $2,500.

Delaware Senator Joe Biden was disappointed at the result. “I know the citizens were looking forward to being privatized, but until the 6 billion dollar reserve is meet Delaware will remain part of the US.” Staffers from the office Ruth Ann Minner confirmed that a Saudi Investment firm withdrew it’s bid after getting a taste of East coast winter weather.

While Delaware is being ignored, several construction firms have shown interest in the lower ninth ward. The competing firms have submitted plans for an inland marina, an intercity airport and a massive “city” of car dealerships.

Update: According to Mitt Romneys campaign, the former Governor of Massachusetts will bid on Delaware to secure it’s GOP convention delegates.