Abramoff Plea Exposes The Lonliness Of Washington Life

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Republican lawmakers have been stumbling over each other to give back all the monies that Jack Abramoff has donated to their various campaign funds over the years. While denying that any of the funds from Abramoff were given them as a quid pro quo for any legislative backing of the lobbyists clients, Republican Congressmen and Senators have apparently decided that even the suggestion that were prostituting themselves and their offices for a few pieces of filthy lucre or a golfing junket to Scotland was enough to make a show of remorse. Most of the monies returned will go to various charities, namely the legal defense funds of those to be indicted.

Once the darling of hungry and overworked members of Congress, Abramoff, who was always ready with a five hundred dollar meal or an all expenses paid gambling junket to an Indian casino or Caribbean resort, the embattled lobbyist has become a symbol of a problem that is pervasive in Washington culture