Accordion Players Seek their own "Martin Luther King"

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News– The semi-annual million accordion player march culminated Sunday with a melodious group performance on the Washington mall. Capital officials confirmed over 1.2 million people gathered to demand equal rights for accordion players. While the group achieved its goal of a million accordions many were disappointed that no leader has emerged to champion the cause.

Following the path of other civil rights struggles, the accordion players have adopted a national campaign of boycotts and non-violent protests. Unfortunately, the accordion player sit-in strikes have been ending with baton wielding riot police wading into the peaceful players.

Many hoped the fame of Alfred Matthew “Weird Al” Yankovic would propel accordion players’ rights to the national stage, they were sadly disappointed.

Michigan accordion player, Mawal Notawi, traveled to Washington to take place in the march. According to Notawi, “Accordion players have long sought a leader to unite the movement. We need our own Martin Luther King.”