After Resignation, Tom DeLay Prepares To Depart On Spiritual Retreat

April 6, 2006

Texas Representative Tom DeLay (22nd District, Sugarland), who announced his resignation from the House of Representatives this week has begun to make public his plans for the future, at least in the short term. The Congressman is planning on departing on an Ecumenical Retreat, in order to “take some time, review my life and determine where to go from here.”

Far from seeming dejected or beaten, Mr. Delay appeared excited and energized by the prospect moving on with his life and faith. He spoke excitedly of the place where he expected to spend an indeterminate time, but declined to name the facility. While possibly stricter than some retreats we are familiar with, the group seems to be just the place for Mr. Delay’s contemplation and spiritual growth.

Mr. DeLay described what he anticipated his days to be like. “We all get up bright and early at 5:00 AM. I’ll be sharing a room; it’s not a very fancy place at all. From 5-6:00 I’ll be praying, believe me. In fact, I’ll be praying hard every spare moment, especially while I’m showering. At 6:00 we all gather in the cafeteria and have breakfast. Then we go to our assigned jobs