Air Lines to Sell "Secure Water" by Spensive in Wake of Heathrow Bomb Plot

Unconfirmed sources report that several major American airlines have teamed up with big time water bottler Spensive to offer a special “Secure Water” on all domestic and international flights. The “Secure Water” will be the only beverage offered in flight and will carry a price of $7.25 per 8oz bottle.

And now a word for our sponsor Sparkling Spensive Water

Spensive spokesman Ben Lion spoke with reporters yesterday and announced the new product.

“Spensive is proud to announce that in these difficult times we too, a humble water bottling mega-conglomerate, can do our part to comfort the American people. Our new product “Secure Water” will provide a new level of beverage safety currently unknown in today’s market . Spensive has always been know for our premium waters and “Secure Water” is fine addition to our line. “Secure Water” is already being produced in a secret facility in an undisclosed location to assure the utmost in public safety.”

Experts welcomed the announcement of “Secure Water” but wonder if the American public is ready for a $7 bottle of water.

“I know security is important, but $7 feels a little steep to me.” Says secure beverage expert Art Teesion. “Spensive is making a bold play here to really set the market in this soon to be exploding beverage segment. All the big players are going to coming in, but I think Spensive’s speed to the market will assure them a head start that others will envey.”

“$7 bucks for a bottle of truly secure water is a bargain.” Says water and homeland security expert Dan Brown. “When you consider the secure conditions the water is bottled in and the security that accompanies the water during transit, $7 begins to sound like a good deal. Armored trucks and armed guards cost money, the consumer is just going to pick up the tab.”

“Secure Water” will go on sale immediately and will replace all regular beverage services until further notice.

In related news Spensive has signed a deal with Sugarland Foods to develop, market, and distribute a line of “Secure Snacks” to be sold along side “Secure Water”.