Airbus A380 Technological Masterpiece or just another big plane with really small seats?

(O’Hare, Ucs News) The crowd was awe-struck as the sun glimmered off the blue tail and the massive Rolls Royce engines of the Airbus A380 – the world’s largest passenger jet. This behemoth had just made a delicate landing and dwarfed the 747s that taxied to make way for the newcomer off of Runway 4 Right at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport Tuesday afternoon.

“Now that’s a tremendous looking aircraft,” said Propst, an aircraft technician for Flight Check aircraft maintenance company. “it’s amazing! but now I have to clean 15 toilets when it lands Yuck!.” Propst was part of the ground support crew, along with hundreds of his colleagues, who encircled the aircraft with their vehicles to check out the new jet on the block. To check out their future.

Others toured the inside of the new Air Bus Super jumbo and found the jet includes a bar, social area, two staircases, and individual TV sets with video and audio on demand and touch-screen access. You can even get a burst of caffeine from self-help coffee stations.

The one thing that struck most visitors was the size of the seats. First and business class seats are marvelously appointed and will make A380 travel luxurious. However the 600 coach seats are just as shitty and small as the ever were. So much for technological advancement, despite the billions spent in development they still have not figured out how to make coach seats any bigger.