Al Franken Gains Senate Seat; Loses Sense of Humor

Minnesota Democrat Al Franken admitted that since taking office as senator he has effectively lost his sense of humor.

“I had it with me when I went to Washington”, Franken stated in a pathetic effort to be funny. “I must have left it on the train”.

Franken gained renown in his younger years for his biting and sarcastic wit on Saturday Night Live and other programs but close friends and even casual observers noticed the senator cannot even raise a smile from an audience anymore.

Some sources speculate that Franken has simply become imbued with the more ‘intellectual’ elite of Washington which frowns on humor. Others claim there is a far greater conspiracy.

“There’s more to it”, said former CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider. “Whenever a clever person comes to the nations capitol they always lose their sense of humor. It has been rumored that Franken was drugged, kidnapped and had his brain electrically altered by doctors”.

It is well known that many political figures in Washington did not appreciate Franken’s wit and various factions tried to rig the election so his less funny opponent Republican Norm Coleman would win.

All republicans, including outspoken formerly drug addicted Rush Limbaugh, claimed they had no knowledge of Franken’s change. “He’s just as funny as he ever was”, Limbaugh told the press.

Some democrats expressed fear that if Franken becomes any less funny he may become a republican.