Al-Qaeda Leader Osama Bin Laden promises not to target Airbus A380 super Jumbo

(Pakistan Tribal Zone : Ucs New International) Speaking to his followers Via audio cassette Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden declared the 800 seat Airbus A380 as “off limits” for senseless terror attacks against innocents. According to the tape, Bin Laden feels the slaughter of so many may cause Moslems of the world to turn their back on Al-Qaeda.

Those close to Bin Laden tell a different story. According to Bin Laden staffers the financial head of Al-Qaeda has invested heavily in the parent of Airbus, EUR AERO DEFENCE . Mohammed Mohammed Bin Sali had purchased the block of Airbus shares shortly after 9/11 and has been holding the assets waiting for market conditions to improve.

To Al-Qaedas dismay the Boeing firm and it’s 787 Dreamliner have crushed the EUR AERO DEFENCE share price. With little hope of a financial return on his investments Bin Laden has canceled plans to destroy the Airbus planes until the share-price climbs above 45 Euros.

With the A380 program facing more delays and technical problems, the plane and EUR AERO DEFENCE should be safe for years to come. According to analysts, the price target of EUR AERO DEFENCE is mired at 23 Euro with little hope of improvement in the foreseeable future.