Al-qaeda leads Pentagon: Bin Laden Murdered more Iraqi Muslims

(Iraq : Ucs news) US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced today that despite the on going troop surge in Baghdad, Al-qaeda is still responsible for more muslim deaths in Iraq.

According to the Pentagons “unofficial” body count the US army is responsible for 15,745 deaths in Iraq while this weeks sectarian bombing of civilians has increased the Al-qaeda’s total to more than 16,126.

Speaking on behalf of Al-qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri stated, “Osama bin Laden has a grand vision of Islamic conquest and a few thousand Muslim lives is a small price to pay to achieve this goal .” al-Zawahiri also commented that the current Al-qaeda bombing campaign is just more proof that Iraq is now screwed up beyond all recognition. “We are a muslim terror group, supported by muslims and we now devote our time to killing muslims. It’s insane!”

While al-Zawahiri is confident Al-qaeda can kill many more muslims with out eroding support, critics of Bin Laden are not so sure.

According to financial reports from Saudi Arabia, Al-qaeda’s fundraising efforts have fallen short in the second quarter of 2007. Bin Laden now finds himself is a difficult position, not only is his group running short on operating capital but suicide attacks in Iraq have depleted the ranks of Al-qaeda foot soldiers.

Ayman al-Zawahiri declared the financial set backs will not slow the pace of operations of Al-qaeda in Iraq. “Our murders are resourceful and have Allah on their side. We will continue our campaign of killings regardless if we enjoy the support of the same Muslims we are in fact killing.”