Al-Qaeda Number Two Urges Surge in Somalia

Cairo, Egypt (Algaezebra) – In an exclusive interview today, Algaezebra videotaped a message from Egyptian born Al Qaeda second-in-command Ayaman al-Zawahiri. In a brief respite from the Jihad against the anti-Muslim crusaders, Zawahiri was meeting with friends and family in Egypt.

Zawahiri stressed to reporters that Al Qaeda remained powerful and united, despite its recent setback in the Somali capital of Mogadishu.

Zawahiri spoke to reporters just prior to teeing off on the 13th hole of an undisclosed golf course in Cairo.

“I call upon the Muslim nation in Somalia to return to the new battlefield that is one of the Crusader battlefields that are being launched by America and its allies against Islam and Muslims,” al-Zawahiri said. “Sacrifice is the key, launch yourselves at them and be consumed as prey that is eaten by lions. We must meet the Americans surge for surge. Now, watch this drive, Allah be praised.”

Zawahiri then calmly sank a hole-in-one on the par three 230 yard hole.