Alberto Gonzales denies allegations that he told the truth

(Washington : Ucs News) US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales fought back today blasting his critics in the White House. In a terse statement Gonzales declared there were definitely contradictions in his Senate testimony. Gonzales went on to suggest that Tony Snow is “a blatantly partisan mouth piece” and that declared the President’s Press Secretary “Can not be trusted to speak the truth about the U.S. Attorney case”

The harsh words between Gonzales and Snow started when the White House spokesman said Friday that Gonzales “has testified truthfully and tried to be very accurate” when discussing a controversial surveillance program.

But when publicly discussing “matters of classification,” Snow said, “Sometimes it’s going to lead people to talk very carefully and there’s going to be plenty room for misinterpretation or draw false conclusions.”

In a statement Thursday night, Brian Roehrkasse, acting Justice Department public affairs director, wrote, “Confusion is inevitable when complicated classified activities are discussed in a public forum by an idiot like Alberto Gonzales.”

Tony Snow later suggested that Alberto Gonzales should not stay and try to fix the problems he created in the Justice Department. “This has been a long and sorry episode for the Department of Justice,” Snow said.