Ambulance Rushes to Capitol, GOP Health Care Proposal in Critical Condition!

GOP Heath Care Plan Rushed to Hospital!
GOP Heath Care Plan Rushed to Hospital!

(Washington D.C.) Unconfirmed Sources report that lawmakers called 911 to summon help for the ailing GOP health care proposal.  The proposal arrived at the Capitol today and immediately took ill. Speaker Paul Ryan rushed to support the proposal. It soon became clear the proposal is in serious danger.

EMTs arrived at the Capitol and gave immediate first aid.  They worked frantically to stabilize the proposal giving it CPR and eventually they used a defibrillator.  After several tense moments the EMTs with the help of Capitol police rushed the proposal to the the hospital.

“It’s in shocking condition!” says congressional page Diane Young.  Who witnessed the proposal’s arrival.  “They brought the poor thing to the floor and it nearly collapsed.  I don’t want to say that it was dead on arrival, but it sure looked bad.”

The condition of the new proposal is being watched closely as many GOP members had high hopes for it.  Even Mr. Trump is aware the proposal’s state.

GOP Health Care Plan is Uninsured!

“I’m proud to support the replacement plan released by the House of Representatives and encouraged by members of both parties,” Trump said.

Reports from the Hospital indicate that the proposal, despite Mr Trump’s support, is in critical condition.  Officials indicate that without the full support of the GOP and a good health system the proposal has very little hope of survival.

For the latest on the proposal’s health.



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