America Loves George Bush's Best Gal Pal Harriet Miers

Americans are embracing the nomination of Bush gal pal Harriet Meirs to the Supreme Court. Harriet has won the hearts of young and old, as her story of faithful friendship takes a turn toward a fairytale ending. Everybody loves a story of home town girls does good. This tale of friendship between two pals from back home making it big in the big city is destined to be a classic. This story of friendship, Texas scandal and cronysim has something for every member of the family.

For mom, the story of longing and unrequited love. Two powerful and passionate people secretly in love, but torn apart by fate and the winds of time and ambition.

For daddy there is the big money scams and cronysim surrounding Harry’s stormy run as head of the Texas State Lottery. With enough firings and hirings and missing money to keep the most jaded scandal watcher riveted.

And don’t forget the kids. Who couldn’t love this story of two friends fiercely protecting each other from criminal probes and FBI investigations

“I just LOVE Harry.” Says 13 year old Katrina Jones, from Chillicothe Ohio. “She is just like me. She has a pure heart and a deep soul. I just know that she will make a really great judge. And her and George will rule the Kingdom of America like a good King and Queen.”

Look for this story to make it big on the silver screen as all Americans learn to love their new best gal pal on the Supreme Court.