America Needs more Bullies!

Unconfirmed sources report that right wing columnist Michelle Malkin is worried that American children are not mean and nasty enough. In a recent piece titled ‘Schools creating namby-pamby nation of pacifists’ Maklin outlined the dangers of raising our kids to be respectful, thoughtful, and compassionate people. “America needs more bullies if we are going to stand our ground in the post 911 era” Says Malkin.

“Michelle Malkin is dead on.” says Vice President of The United States Dick Cheney, a big Malkin fan. “She sees the true dangers of raising a nation of pussies. If we don’t toughen our kids up this great nation is going to steamrolled by a bunch of throat-slitting, suicide plane driving rag-heads. I’m not going to let that happen, but I’m going to need the help of some ass kicking young Americans.”

“History has shown the fallacy of non-violent resistance.” says author Salley Satel. “Martin Luther King, Gandhi, look what happened to those losers. Both of them shot dead. That’s no way to affect change or protect a nation. American children badly need moral clarity. But our education establishment is too uneasy about the idea of moral judgment to meet this elementary need. Feelings of helplessness and disorientation are thoroughly, even compulsively, canvassed, elicited, discussed, and promoted. American children need to be taught to kill when the need arises. Anything short of that will spell the end of America.”

Malkin is even putting her money where her mouth is on this issue and funding efforts to make American kids tougher, less understanding and more rigid in their thinking. She has launched a new program called “Operation Revenge” which teaches kids to kick the ass of anybody who does them harm or offends them.