American – Israeli Relations Tested by Hamas Victory

President George Bush lighting the menorah at the White House with an unidentified guest in December

Washington, DC (APE) – Experts say that the stunning Hamas victory in Palestinian elections yesterday may have dealt a death blow to Bush administration peace efforts in the Middle East. The Bush administration, a longtime supporter of Israel has vowed that there will be no further communications with a Hamas led government unless they formally condemn the use of suicide bombers and terrorist tactics and agree to disarm.

Ironically, most experts have agreed that the stunning Hamas victory comes as a result of a premature and poorly thought out rush to Palestinian elections rammed through by the Bush administration in an effort to zealously promote their “democratic reform” of the Middle East. Hamas benefited from the abbreviated run up to the elections as well as long-standing claims of corruption leveled against the ruling Fatah party.

Brushing aside pleas for investigation into election fraud by the Bush administration, former President Jimmy Carter, serving as an election monitor, verified the results and cited them as being much cleaner than the previous two presidential elections in America.

The Bush administration itself is now addressing charges of corruption and illegal behavior in connection with Israeli and Jewish influence. The recent conviction of Larry Franklin, a former Pentagon analyst, with funneling classified information to the American Israel public affairs Association or AIPAC, and the guilty plea and agreement to cooperate with prosecutors by Jack Abramoff in regards to bribery are but two examples. The administration maintains that the funneling of information was never sanctioned, and that President Bush has never had anything other than a passing acquaintance type of relationship with Mr. Abramoff.

Time magazine was recently in the news with claims that they had in their possession five photographs which show a closer relationship between Abramoff and Bush. They have refused to publish the photos thus far at the request of the owners.