America's Stars and Stripes most Popular flag to burn

(UN Headquarters : Ucs News) A study published by the Office of International Relations has found that “Old Glory” remains the most burned flag in the world. According to the study’s authors the American flag was the most burned for 23rd year in a row, as long a the study has been run.

The report cites many factors contributing to the flags success as the most burned national symbol. The world wide availability of the flag and it’s recognizable design have made it the target of many would be flag burners. The study calculated that over 85,000 U.S. flags were burned in the calendar year of 2007. Nearly 24,000 were televised on networks including CNN,Fox and Al Jazeera.

While the burning of the US national symbol troubles many, some are quietly enjoying the destruction of flag. President of the American Flag Company, Davis Swinson, estimates that over 75% of his production is destined to be burned in middle eastern capitals. “Our customers demand a cotton poly blend for burning.” says Swinson. According to Swinson his customers are looking for a slow burning but brightly shining and colorful flame.

Swinson feels the future of “Old Glory” is very bright. Without stating his political opinion Swinson feels the current US policy in Iraq and relations with other nations will lead to increasing demand for the flammable symbol of the United States.