Amy Fisher Sex Tape Eclipsed by Latest Classified Hilton Sex Video

Washington, DC (DMZ) – Fresh after the announcement of an apparently authentic Amy Fisher sex tape, the Internet is abuzz today over a new, apparently classified, Paris Hilton sex tape which also features sister Nicky, and none other than President George W. Bush. The tape, which was leaked despite state secret classification, depicts the two sisters engaged in explicit acts with President Bush at the White House’s Halloween party last night.

The president apparently eschewed the traditional handing out of candy and treats to screened and hand selected children this year for a celebrity studded costume ball in the absence of the First Lady, who is currently touring the Middle East in a desperate diplomacy effort.

White House sources refused to confirm or deny the veracity of the story, but did admit that some security camera footage from last night had disappeared, and that it was of course considered a national security incident. Efforts are apparently under way to seize the video before it finds its way onto the Internet.

A spokesperson and publicist for the Hilton sisters stated that they had both had a wonderful time at the party but were having trouble recalling what had actually transpired. “Paris states that she had a few drinks to work up the nerve to meet with the president. She vaguely recalls being shown a water board in the Lincoln bedroom.”

The White House cautioned that there were very severe penalties for national security breaches, and stated that anyone turning in the missing security files would be given prosecutorial immunity.