Andre the Giant Joins John McCain as Surprise VP Choice

(Washington) Ucs News- In what is being called an inspired choice, Republican Presidential nominee John McCain has tapped Andre the Giant to be his running mate in November. Andre the Giant has accepted the challenge and will be the first giant American to run as a Vice Presidential candidate.

“I gotta tell you the choice of Andre the Giant as a Republican VP is truly brilliant.” Says election watcher Kenneth Burns of the New America Institute. “Andre the Giant totally neutralizes the ‘Obama factor’ that many on our side have been fretting about. Andre the Giant brings so much to the table that compliments McCain. He is big, really big and the lets face it, the camera loves him.”

Andre the Giant will boost the cross party appeal of the Republican ticket like no other candidate out there. He is a giant voice that will help McCain compete in rural Democratic pro-wrestling strongholds. He will also bring an ingrained understanding of what it takes to beat his competition into submission. “I can’t wait to see Andre is a head to head debate. Have you seem him in action with a folding chair” said Burns 

The McCain/Giant ticket with is experience and now vitality is going to give the Democrats a real run for their money come November.