Angelina Jolie Is Most Requested Father's Day Gift

Unconfirmed sources report that a poll taken by the men’s magazine Handy Dads has determined that Angelina Jolie is what most men want for Fathers Day. The poll taken last month shows that dads prefer Angelina Jolie over power tools by a four to one margin. The second most wanted gift for fathers day, formerly number one, is the Delta 10 In. 5500RPM Table Saw Model 4286746.

“This is a huge surprise” says Handy Dads magazine publisher Buck Fuller. “We have been taking this poll every year and power tools have always dominated the top five gifts men want. Angelina Jolie capturing the top slot has got a lot us scratching our heads around here. I mean, sure she is hot as heck, but a Delta 10 In. 5500RPM Table Saw Model 4286746 is a great saw. We are going to have to recheck the data and examine our sampling technique for next year’s to poll to assure it’s accuracy.”

“This result just doesn’t surprise me.” Says home renovation expert Bob Vila. “I’ve been watching the demographics of this poll for years have identified trends that explain what happened. Over that past few years the proliferation of hot chicks on home renovation television shows has linked power tools and total babes together in the minds of handy dads. There is nothing more appealing to dads than an attractive woman using a big power tool. Angelina Jolie with a Delta 10 In. 5500RPM Table Saw Model 4286746, that’s heaven.”

The rest of the list can be found in the latest issue of Handy Dads magazine in the special Fathers Day pull out section. We also recommend a visit to the Handy Dads web site for exclusive photos of Angelina Jolie, the Delta 10 In. 5500RPM Table Saw Model 4286746, and the other gifts most wanted by dads this Fathers Day.