Angle: 'I'm not Sharron Angle'

LAS VEGAS – Nevada GOP senatorial candidate Sharron Angle issued a press release saying that she isn’t really Sharron Angle.

“My name might be Sharron Angle, but I’m not Sharron Angle. I never advocated abolishing Social Security. What I advocated was Social Security P E R S O N A L I Z A T I O N,” Angle said in her press release.

When asked what she means by Social Security personalization, Angle responded by saying that there will be one Social Security worker for every Social Security recipient in order to make everything more personal.

Angle denounced Senator Reid for playing “unfair” by using her own positions against her. She also explained that both the unemployed are responsible for being unemployed as well as Senator Reid.

“It’s Senator Reid’s fault that so many unemployed people are lazy,” said Angle.

Some GOP analysts are saying that the only way Angle can win is if she assumes a new identity before the November election, which might be in the works.