Angry Bill Gates launches Hostile take over of Apple

(Portland, UCS News) Microsoft Chairman Bill gates has announced his plan to seize control of Apple computer. Apple, maker of the ipod, iphone and sleek personal computers, has been running ads portraying Gates and the Windows operating system as ineffective, hapless dullards. The ad campaign has angered Gates and prompted him to take action. Gates has already acquired 8% of Apple’s outstanding shares.

Industry watchers agree Gates and Microsoft pose a significant threat to Apple and it’s CEO Steve Jobs. According to SEC fillings Microsoft has cash holdings of over 27 billion dollars while Gates himself has 25 billion dollars of assets under his command. Microsoft has amassed the war chest over the past 15 years. Gates and his firm bludgeoned competitors and partners alike as Microsoft devoured 90% of the operating system and business software market.

Despite Microsoft’s dominance of the world software the firm and it’s chairman never enjoyed the personal popularity of Apple and Jobs. While Steve Jobs has created products people desire, Microsoft has become the sole supplier of a much hated necessity that millions of computers users have no choice but to purchase.

Though Apple is one tenth the size of Microsoft, Gates and his firm have never been able to capture imagination of the public. According to Roger Clips, “The two firms are reflections of there founders, in the case of Apple you have Jobs the dynamic, talented spiritual leader with a passion for creative excellence. On the other hand Microsoft was Bill Gates the awkward, dweebish software engineer leading an army of average technicians and been counters.

Some hope that Microsoft does consume Apple. It’s possible Apple could infect Microsoft with the desire to make products that people desire.