Angry Emma Watson Shaves Head, Refuses Role in Final Two Harry Potter Films

London (O! Online) – Emma Watson, the 16-year-old actress who has made a name for herself starring as Hermione Granger in the first five exceedingly popular Harry Potter films has apparently pulled what some are calling a “Britney” and shaved her head in protest over growing pressures from Warner Bros. to continue her role in the final two films. The actress has reportedly turned down a $3.9 million contract to continue a role which her publicists say she feels is limiting her projects. A spokesperson for the mega movie studio stated that at this point they were not concerned over Watson’s stunt as the famous tresses of Hermione Granger had been a wig in the last movie.

Watson also made the news last week as an infatuated stalker had apparently tracked her down and cause a disruption at her exclusive boarding school. The stalker was subsequently arrested and has currently not been charged.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love my fans to death,” stated Watson, “but this whole ‘virginal good girl’ role that I’ve had to play even off the set has just made me sick to death. Although Daniel and I don’t talk much away from the movies, I got a real kick out of helping him with the publicity photos for Equus, and I really support the direction he’s trying to go with his career. You go boy!” Watson, who is 16, and cannot legally pose nude was “Photoshopped” into an advance publicity photo for “Equus” in which her friend and fellow actor Daniel Radcliffe, of legal age in Britain at 17, performs in a controversial nude scene.

Watson adamantly denied rumors that she, like American pop star Britney Spears, was drinking and out of control and would soon be checking into rehab.

“A couple of pictures surfaced on the Internet with me posing before and after like I’m drinking a Corona,” laughed Watson, “I just did that for giggles with one of my friends, and now it’s all over the world that I’m some sort of sot. And checking into rehab… honestly, I’m already there! Do these people know what it’s like in a British boarding school for girls? It makes Hogwarts look like Club Med.”

Watson stated that she had recently decided to take advantage of the “bad” publicity in order to broaden horizons for possible future projects, and announced that she would be appearing with shorn pate in a number of upcoming advertisements for Corona Brewery’s recently released nonalcoholic beer called Corona “Ultimate Lite”.

“As I said, I love my fans, but honestly I wish sometimes people would just get a life,” stated Watson. “This whole obsession with the lives of movie stars is damaging to the stars themselves and the people involved. Just take a look at Britney Spears, and that poor bloke that was arrested last week chasing me.”

Mischief managed indeed, Ms. Watson.