Ann Coulter Calls For The Death Of Ann Coulter?

(Washington, D.C.) Has Ann Coulter lost it? In her most recent column, Ann Coulter writes, “When I read some of the things I’ve written, I cringe. A principled, right wing, committed person of good conscious, not to mention modest, such as myself, cannot breathe air on the same planet as someone like, well, me. So, I’m calling for the my death.” The statement has pundits on both the left and right wondering wazzup?

Tucker Carlson, who shares Coulter’s views on Canada without the United State being the Honduras, had mixed feelings. “I have mixed feelings,” said the redundant bow-tied commentator. With her out of the way, I’d be the number one conservative bitch. But I don’t want to get the title that way.” Ragin’ Cajun James Carville simply expressed dismay. “That girl is more confused than George Bush in front of a world map.” Comments are also pouring in from the international front. Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, said simply, “She thinks we’d be the Honduras without the United States? Well, I think she’s wrong