Ann Coulter chokes on her own black bile

(UCS News : Washington D.C.) Doctors at the Walter Reed medical center are treating radical conservative pundit Ann Coulter for injuries received while appearing on Fox News. Coulter was vomiting black bile on the subject of 911 widows when the incident accrued. Paramedics rushed to the scene and were able to revive Coulter as she was rushed to Walter Reed intensive care unit.

Medic on the scene Alex Zimmer spoke to the press after the incident. “Had I known we were on the way to treat Ms. Coulter I would have driven a little slower and not tried so hard to save her.” ZImmer a registered Republican and self identified conservative admitted off the record She used to be hot but now he thinks she has “Gone a bit psycho”.

Tucker Carson a fellow conservative “pundit” was surprised that Coulter would have such an accident. “I’ve seen Ann Coulter in action vomiting gallons of her filthy black bile all around Fox news and on her book tours, why she is having problem now I can’t say.”

Coulter has been under attack recently due to some very inflammatory remarks found in her latest Rant “Godless”. The NY Daily News in fact has released two articles out against her. “Coulter The Cruel” and “Ann’s vicious screed”. According to many in New York Coulter deserves the punishment.

With her manager at her side she is currently resting comfortably in a pool her own filth. The attending medical staff are praying she is released soon, as her presence in the hospital is making the staff and patients ill. In a written statement released to the press Coulter reminded us all “Tucker Carlson is still a twit.”