Ann Coulter Demands Alberto Gonzales Castration

(Washington : Ucs News) Right wing potty mouth pundit Ann Coulter speaks out against the embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. The Republican queen of mean not only demanded Gonzales resign, she pledged to “castrate the little bastard on sight.”

Coulter, an outspoken critic of the Bush administration, has finally lost patience with AG Gonzales. According to Coulter, Gonzales has betrayed the conservative movement by his failure to corrupt the Department of Justice. “His incompetence has set back the Republican plans for a durable, if ill gotten, majority.”

In her weekly radio address, Coulter called for President Bush to sack Gonzales immediately. Some are questioning Ann Coulters sudden reversal, previously she had been a supporter of the Attorney Generals’ efforts.

Media watchers are speculating that Coulter wants Gonzales out of the way so her upcoming press tour for “Liberals love Manson” will not have to compete with the on going DOJ scandal.