Ann Coulter Finishes Fourth in "Pole-a-Palooza"

Las Vegas, NV (Rotters) – Right-wing pundit and author Ann Coulter made a surprise appearance this weekend at the Light nightclub’s “Pole-a-Palooza” competition inside the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas. The competition highlighted the talents of Pole dancers and strippers across the United States. Coulter gave a spirited performance, but wound up finishing outside of the prize money in the fourth position.

Coulter finished first in the essay portion of the competition, but it was not enough to carry her to overall victory. She seemed ready to sweep the competition until her hair accidentally became caught in a ceiling air-conditioning duct mid-routine. Coulter described herself as disappointed but uninjured.

“I just take delight in dispelling this myth that conservatives are stuffy and no fun and really can’t identify with any of the values that they are revolting against,” Coulter stated. “This was a little something that I used to do during summers and after classes, as I was working my way through college. It was a lot of fun to get out there and mix it up with the pros, and discover that I still had it in me.”

Coulter stated that the competition was a nice temporary distraction, but that she would be back on the road immediately, promoting her new book, Goddess: The Smirch of Libelism.