Ann Coulter to Wed Lewis 'Scooter' Libby in Cell Block Ceremony

Unconfirmed sources report that two darlings of the right will be wed tomorrow in a Washington D.C. prison cell. The beautiful and venomous Ann Coulter has announced her impending marriage to Lewis ‘Take one for the team’ Libby, the recently convicted fall guy for the Bush administration. The ceremony will be held in cell block D of the District of Columbia Detention Facility and is expedited to be a who’s who of the right wing of the Republican party.

News of the surprise nuptials has spread like wild fire across the country sparking a blaze of warm feelings for the beleaguered power couple. The pair has had some tough sledding lately as Lewis is heading off to prison and Coulter’s column is being dropped from many papers because she called John Edwards a ‘faggot’.

People who know the couple spoke positively about the romance that very few people knew about publicly.

“Ann and Scooter are a super loving couple.” Says Margaret Rainsbottom, a family friend. “Ever since they meet a few years back they have been sweet and caring toward each other and their close friends. I’m glad that they have made their relationship public. I think for Ann it is a way to really show her love and support for her man. I bet Scooter fought with her to stay out of his current troubles, but she wouldn’t. That’s how loving they are, they just want the best for each other.”

The honeymoon for the couple will be delayed, however, as Lewis is expected to go to prison until The President pardons him in just under two years.