Anthony Weiner Resigns, Joins Chippendales

Unconfirmed sources report that scandalous Congressman Anthony Weiner has resigned from office and joined the famous Chippendale dancers. Weiner made the announcement flanked by his new colleagues and supportive ‘friend.’ Weiner will begin performing immediately.

“I think I have found better position for me.’ Says Weiner during his announcement before his opening performance. “These guys are great and I will get paid to do what I love. I have always enjoyed being in the spotlight and exposing myself to strangers. I am very excited about this opportunity. And know this lead to bigger and better things for me.”

“We are very excited to have Anthony Join us.” Said Chippendale’s spokesman Ben Harding. “Tony is a great guy. They ladies love him and he really loves to expose himself. He brings some real heart and enthusiasm to Chippendales and we couldn’t be a happier to have him abound.”