Antonin Scalia blasts President Obama "gay justice…worse than CIA waterboarding."

(Washington, D.C.) Ucs News: Sooner than expected U.S. President Barack Obama will have a chance to bring his trade mark CHANGE to the Supreme Court. The surprise retirement of Justice Souter has Obama’s supports and critics sounding off. In particular Justice Antonin Scalia. “I was hoping for an over-weight, aging, white, Catholic conservative to represent American diversity.

Not one to mince words Antonin Scalia went on to remark, “I tell you a gay supreme court Justice would be worse than CIA waterboarding for me.” and “I’m begging Roberts to make the homosexual sit next to Ginsburg.”

While there has been no official announcements many are speculating President Obama will name a women to the high court. According to Chief Justice Roberts “Obama will have a wealth of fine choices without being locked into only white, male Catholics.”

With justices sounding off Clarence Thomas joined in suggesting that Antonin “better lay off the lasagna and get some exercise so Obama won’t be filling YOUR oversized seat!”