"Apackolies Now" Set for Release Nationwide on 9/11/07

Washington, DC (Rotters) – RNC productions in conjunction with writer, director, and producer Ari Fleischer announce the release nationwide of “Apackolies Now”, a dramatic retelling and reframing of the Vietnam conflict, tying it into current events in Iraq. The RNC has reportedly sunk over $30 million into special effects alone. ABC television has agreed to debut the movie on 9/11/07 to commemorate the destruction of the World Trade Center towers.

The movie tells the tale of a fictionalized illicit invasion and occupation of another country by the United States and efforts to set the story right. It is a classic journey into the dark of heartlessness, as Captain Willard infiltrates and is seduced by the violently aristocratic society set up by rogue operative Colonel Kurtz, and must then be a decider, as this artificial world crumbles around him.

“We’re very hopeful that the American public will be receptive to the parallels that we have to offer,” stated Director Fleischer. “Folks tend to be inundated with defeatist messages from a lot of the revisionist portrayals of the Vietnam conflict. This film offers a vision into what might have been if America had simply had the courage of its convictions and stayed the course in Vietnam. These are important points to consider as our country is poised for a declared defeat by yet another Democratic Congress.”

“Apackolies Now” is rated M for manure, and has been filmed entirely in digitally remastered Pandervision.