Apple Introduces Nano iPhonecard

Cupertino, California (APE) – Apple Computer stocks today soared on the announcement of a smaller, thinner version of its new blockbuster iPhone called the iPhonecard, based on its popular Nano MP3 player. CEO Steven Jobs heralded the new device as a technology bridge towards the iPhone for those unable to afford the $400-$600 devices. Apple thus far in the first week of sales of the iPhone has sold more units than the next most popular Motorola razor did in its first month of sales. Jobs claimed that the iPhonecard was poised to outpace even the skyrocketing sales of the iPhone.

The new device will sell from $100-$200 depending upon customer’s preference for the 1 GB or 2 GB models. The iPhonecard is a fully functional prepaid phone and MP3 player upon which users can load minutes or tunes through their personal computers and the special iPhonecard magnetic strip reader. Current models are without Internet access, video, and camera functions which are available with the iPhone, but Apple vowed to make the features a reality as the technology becomes available.

“This will be a wonderful entry level device for children, and parents wishing to exercise a higher degree of control,” stated Jobs. “When the minutes are exhausted the device will still function as a state-of-the-art MP3 player. But, no more phone functionality until mom or dad agree to download more minutes.”

Currently, the iPhonecard is only compatible with Apple’s popular iTunes online service, and Apple is hoping for a resurgence of recording artists and studios interesting in exclusive contracts.

Hackers are already salivating over the prospect of getting their hands on one of the devices. It has been suggested that there is a real interest in utilizing the magnetic strip function of the device in millions of ATMs worldwide in efforts to gain illegal account access. The well-built card has also reportedly demonstrated great utility in handling many older locks and security systems.