Apple iPhone Fanboys Destroy Chicago Apple Store Over Price Drop

(Chicago)The Apple store in Chicago is a smoking ruin this morning. The store was looted and burned last night by an angry mob of hundreds of disgruntled iPhone users. The mob was in a frenzy over the $200 price drop announced yesterday by Apple’s Steve Jobs.

The unruly crowed gathered in front the store yesterday evening and began chanting and yelling at shoppers and store employees. Things soon turned ugly and the store manager quickly closed the store, called police and evacuated the staff.

The scene devolved into a riot as angry iPhone customers began to smash their phones in protest. The crowd then exploded and the Apple store was looted and burned as the outnumbered police stood by. Much of the store’s gleaming merchandise was piled in front and lit a blaze by furious Apple customers.

After three hours of mayhem and destruction the massed riot police of the Chicago PD rolled in and dispersed the mob allowing Chicago Firemen to finally reached the scene and extinguish the blaze. The store is a complete loss with damage estimates running into the millions.

In the wake of the incident Apple announced heightened security at all it’s company stores.