Apple Launches iTrack. The Next Generation iPod Music Player

Unconfirmed sources report that Apple will launch yet another new product this summer. The red hot hardware maker will announce tomorrow that it’s next generation Ipod will be available on June 29th, the same day as the super hyped iPhone. The new player, the iTrack, features the same sleek design as earlier Ipods and along with a new technology only refered to as Octo-track.

The information leaking out of Cupertino is thin, but the new music player is larger than Ipods of the past and some kind of large cartridge type media. Many have speculated that the Octo-track media is some type of massive flash memory drive that is interchangeable.

“This is amazing.” Says tech junkie and internet personality Leo Laporte. “Everyone has been focused on the iPhone and the new Mac OS Leopard, not the next iPod. It makes sense I guess. If you’ve got thousands of people lining up to get into an Apple store, why not sell them more stuff when they get there. I just can’t believe they kept it quiet. Amazing!”

Not all Apple watchers are as excited by the prospect of yet another must have Apple device. “This is a bunch of crap.” Says popular columnist John C. Dvorak . “I know these guys. It’s a scam. Like they any need more publicity for the iPhone, pleeeeeease…”