Apple Makes Surprise Release of new Ipod: Pico

Unconfirmed sources report that Apple will make a surprise release of it’s newest Ipod tomorrow. The release of the next generation of ipods comes as a big surprise to fans and market analysts as rumors of release delays have plagued Apple and punished its share price. The new Ipod, The Pico, will be the smallest Ipod ever being so small that it is invisible to the naked eye. Expect the new Ipod Pico to appear in Apple stores very soon.

“Yeah it’s small alright” Said Steve Jobs at a prerelease press meeting. “The Pico is so small you can’t see it, but I’m telling you it is beautiful and is packed full of fantastic features. The screen is super bright and the unit, equipped with quantum memory will hold 1 terabyte of music and data. The Pico is a real revolution in hardware miniaturization. People are just going to love it.”

Some Apple watchers are not so sure the public is ready for music player that is smaller than a grain of sand.

“Apple has got a great piece of technology here, but there are still some issues I’m concerned about.” Says hardware expert Bert Jones, of Very Tiny Hardware Weekly “The screen may be bright, but is it big enough? Also I’m concerned about how the headphones will get plugged in, I mean will you need a microscope to find the jack? Not to mention what happens if you drop it in some shag carpet?”

Apple fans are dismissing such concerns, noting that Apple has a perfect record when it comes to small devices, except for that Newton thing. That thing was really lame.

Expect the Pico to appear everywhere very soon.