Apple Nano Iphone Stock Rockets : McCain Down the Drain : Iraq on the attack : George W. Bush ST…

Steve jobs and Apple : Trending Up
iphone is super hit, already…again!
Non-exististant Nano-iphone boosts share price
Computers aren’t to bad either

John McCain : Trending Down
Iraq and Immigration, now everyone hates you
Never seem a candidate implode so early or completely

Iraq : Trending Down
We must stay, No we must leave but we can’t leave!
Most just pray the next election will make it all go away.

George W. Bush : Trending Down
Will takes years to maybe decades to erase “legacy”
Poster child for out of touch with America
Makes the Pope look “on trend”

Sanjay Gupta : Trending Down
3 minute hit piece vs. Oscar winning master of disaster
Calling Docter Gupta – you can’t compete with Michael Moore
Take two asprin and don’t call me in the morning