Apple Shocks Windows Vista Users: Steve Jobs to offer Service Pack 1A for Microsoft's Troubled OS

(Cupertino : California) Ucs Technology News : After weeks of fits and starts, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has decided to intervene on the behalf of struggling Microsoft Vista users. According to Silicon Valley insiders, Jobs instructed his OSX development team to “Fix the dam thing so Bill Gates doesn’t dominate the news for another 5 years!”

Apple staffers close to Jobs have confirmed that Apples top man is “disgusted” with the press coverage Microsoft has received as it tries to repair it’s floundering flagship Vista operating system. Engadget reports the Apple version of the complete Vista Service Pack SP1A will ready for download “within days”. As of today Apple is already delivering patches for the operating systems most nagging problems.

In fact, Apple had already completed SP1A for Vista by the beginning of February, but it was only intended for selected groups inside Apple that were testing the Apple Boot Camp and Parallels compatibility functions.

What is available is the initial “Wave 0” version of SP1A, which is only in the English, German, Spanish, and French languages. A second variant, known as “Wave 1”, which will update Vista in all of its other language versions will be released at a later time — the exact date is not yet clear. The installation packets update all versions of Vista from Starter to Ultimate. The 32-bit variant is 434 MB and the x64 packet is 726 MB.

SP1A does not perform any fundamental upgrades, but rather it mainly fixes faults and problems. Once the update is complete, Vista is supposed to be faster at copying and unpacking files and the user account manager will not require so many confirmations. Apple provides an overview of the updates in Service Pack 1A in a white paper found on the website.