Apple to launch 200 gig video Ipod with Blue Tooth Technology

(Cupertino, California:UCS News) Today Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple computer announced the release of the newest update for the Video Ipod. The New Ipod has a capacity of 200 gigabytes and features high speed flash memory instead of a hard drive. The Display is also 45% larger than the current Ipod music players.200G Ipod goes on sale tomorrow, with retail price of $599.

Jobs also announced the new Ipod will support wireless music uploading with the addition of Blue Tooth technology. “The wireless capability is the key feature of this new Ipod.” Jobs then went on to announce the new Video Ipod’s most important new feature, wireless charging. “With the new 6.8 standard for Blue Tooth transmissions the 200G Ipod can be charged without cables.” The wireless changing feature has a range of 6 meters or nearly 20 feet.

With upgrades to the airport base station and the new G5 intel powered Imac and Macbook pro all Apple computers now support wireless charging and Blue Tooth wireless updating. The connection speed is also 5 times faster than the standard USB 2.0.

Apple also continues its relationship with Motorola. The 200G video Ipod connects via Blue Tooth to the new Razr cell phone. The Blue tooth connection allows users to purchase music and then download it from the phone directly to the Ipod. Experts are not exactly sure why you would want to do this, however.