Army of Two, Dick Cheney and John McCain Invade Iran

Unconfirmed sources report that Dick Cheney and John McCain have launched an invasion of Iran while visiting American troops during a campaign stop in Iraq. The two heavily armed men where air dropped into Iran just over the border to soften up the country in preparation for the larger attack to follow.

“These men are hands on kind of guys.” Says Army spokesmen sergeant Kirk Gibbons. “Cheney and McCain identified a need and then took the initiative to act. These men knew we were going to attack Iran later this spring so they are just getting started.”

The McCain campaign has denied that the attack is a campaign event, but the senators PR staff and pool reporters are following the pair.

The attack launched by the two warriors is proceeding well and the two are completing their task list well ahead of schedule. The follow on attack is taking more time develop as the army wasn’t planning on launching it’s own attack until later.