Ashlee Simpson Collapses in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan (O!) – “Catch Me When I Fall” singer, Ashlee Simpson, today passed out in Tokyo just after leaving the stage from a performance. In an ironic twist of fate Honda Inc. happened to be appearing at the same venue with their futuristic robot Asimo, who was able to catch Ms. Simpson as she fell.

Unnamed sources close to the family stated that the likely cause for the fainting spell was exhaustion. Ms. Simpson has been driven to prove herself to fans after an infamous lip syncing incident on Saturday Night Live last year. It is not known whether this played a part in the incident.

Honda Inc. has graciously offered to have Asimo complete Ms. Simpson’s Japan tour and to continue further if need be, and negotiations are underway. Audiences were stunned as Asimo performed Ms. Simpson’s next show meticulously and flawlessly. Complaints of possible lip syncing largely went unprotested. Asimo further dazzled the audience by telling an adoring autograph seeking fan to kiss its footpad, and later confessed to Popular Science Magazine that it had suffered from a minor power consumption glitch almost a decade ago when it was first taking walking lessons.

In the meantime, Asimo’s possible appearance on Monday’s Radio Music Awards in place of Ms. Simpson in Las Vegas is dependent upon negotiations between Honda and Ms. Simpson’s managers.