Ashley Alexandra Dupre reminds nation that we are still at war in Iraq

(New York) Ucs News: In an exclusive interview with Ucs news host Randy Wright Ashley Alexandra Dupre blasted the media coverage of her “transactions” with Governor Eliot Spitzer. Dupre stated “I don’t understand the fascination america has with this tawdry personal matter. Dose anyone remember that 8 brave soldiers lost their lives in Iraq today?”

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, The woman alleged to have been hired by New York governor Eliot Spitzer reportedly revealed Thursday she had gone without sleep since the scandal broke and that she is concerned that the American public will forget the amazing contributions that Eliot Spitzer has made during his years of public service.”

According to Dupre, herself a supporter of Governor Spitzer, it would be a shame that this scandal diverted the nations attention away from, what she considers important issues. Dupre fears the war in Iraq will claim more lives in her worlds “needlessly”.

Dupre also finds it “very sad” that a 22 year old prostitute from New Jersey could absorb the medias attention to point it would cover her story rather than jump on the President for making human torture legal in “our fine nation.”