Ask A Ninja, Ninja Dies

Citizens of the net the world over are in mourning today as word spreads that the Ask a Ninja ninja is dead. The Ninja died while taping the latest Ask a Ninja podcast when a swarm on minjas, mini-ninjas, invaded the studio and after a protracted battle killed him. The minjas then proceeded to kill the entire production staff at Beatbox Giant including Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine.

“I just can’t believe it.” Says web personality Leo Laporte. “Those guys are great, were great. I’m gonna miss them guys. It’s a real shame those minjas just couldn’t take a joke. It was only a joke!”

Not everyone, however, found the end of Ask a Ninja any great surprise.

“Those guys? I know there kind! They had it coming.” Says the famously cranky podcaster formerly known as John C. Divorak. “They were just a bunch of guys sitting around in a room trying to stir up some phony controversy. It was crap! Crap I tell you.”

The url has been redirected to a new site where a troop of minjas answers questions sent in by viewers and then threatens to kill them.