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Hussein Bin-Ladin Captured in Iraqistan!

September 26, 2004 Staff

Unconfirmed sources report that US Military has captured terror mastermind Hussein Bin-Ladin in his mountain hideout in Iraqistan. The capture marks the end fo a long and desperate search for the terrorist. White House officials [Read more]

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White House Leads By Example

September 25, 2004 Staff

Not content with accusing their Democratic Presidential rival John Kerry with flip-flopping, the Bush Administration is attempting to provide a current example of how the process actually works. On Thursday, September 23rd Secretary of Defense [Read more]

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George W. Bush Was On Secret Mission In Vietnam!

September 24, 2004 Staff

Unconfirmed Sources report White House to release top secret documents to fill in Mr Bush’s war record. These new documents prove that far from sipping mint juleps in a Louisiana whore house during Vietnam, Mr [Read more]

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White House To Give Oil Refiners Gas

September 24, 2004 Staff

Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham said yesterday that he was in negotiations with Oil Suppliers to release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to relieve the disruptions of supplies caused by Hurricane Ivan and the President’s [Read more]