Autographed Tom Delay Mug Shot Goes for 56K on Ebay

Unconfirmed source report that a signed copy of Thomas Delay’s mug shot has been sold on Ebay for $56,000. The mug shot taken yesterday in Travis county Texas while Delay was booked on numerous charges will make a terrific keepsake for one lucky bidder.

“The mug shot was sold today to help raise money for Tom Delay’s legal defense fund.” Says autograph broker Ned Finkenberg. “It was the first of a special 250 print run that the former House leader has agreed to sign. I don’t expect the later issues of the series to fetch as much, but they are sure to rise in value, especially if Mr. Delay goes to prison.”

“$56,000 for an autographed picture of a person who is still alive is a landmark achievement in the this field.” Raves celebrity watcher Sally Semple. “I have never seen such an amazing amount of money change hands for an item like this. Tom Delay is like some modern King Solomon, everything he touches turns to gold. I think the signing of the mug shot on the court house steps in front of a crowd of reporters must has had something to do with the value it fetched . I’ll be real curious to see what the rest go for.”

Experts figure the series of signed mug shots could bring in up to $100,000 for Mr. Delay’s legal defense fund, but also indicate that Delay will need to raise much more to mount a good defense.

“If Tom is going to wriggle out of this one I figure he is going to have to spend several million dollars.” Said one Texas lawyer. “A lot of people are gunning for Tom and would love to see him go down. I bet he is going to ask for some of that money back that he has been spreading around for the last few years. Either that or he is going to have to sign an awful lot of pictures.”