New York> Tilly Glotz, Age 2, organizer of the “Babies for Abortion” says her group is planning a march on Washington in support of Roe v Wade. Through an interpreter, Glotz said, “All this pro-life and pro abortion crap being conducted by grownups…no one asked us!”

Glotz said she took a poll among her peers and found that 78% wished they were not born.

“We will have to pay for the mess that Bush got us into, We will suffer from global warming, no more fish, milk from cloned cows, no social security, impossible gas prices, and no doubt we will be drafted to go to fight in Iraq when we get to be 14 years old. We are the ones the big people are fighting over, but until now, no one asked us our opinion!” she indignantly gurgled.

“Our group is several thousand strong” continued Glotz, and our slogan is ‘NO ONE ASKED US’. Our only problem is how we get to Washington; lots of logistics…diapers, baby carriages, and we asked Gerbers to do the catering, but we haven’t heard from them yet.”

Gertrude Gleason, a spokesman for the Pro-Life Action League, was indignant when she was informed of the proposed march. ” We’re going to have our pro-life babies there at the same time, and if they want to make trouble, bring it on! Our babies have pepper spray and stun guns!”