Barack Obama Admits to Having Black Love Children

Unconfirmed sources report that Presidential hopeful Barack Obama will admit later today that he has fathered not one, but two black love children. The shocking revelation concerning Obama was leaked to the media by the Clinton campaign. There is not doubt about it, as the race for the Democratic nomination heats up the Clintons are taking the gloves off.

“It’s important that people know what kind of a man they are being asked to vote for.” Says Clinton campaign spokesman Whitey Malcontent. “Barack Obama has fathered two black love children. For some voters this information is important and could help inform their decision.”

“You knew it was going to happen some time.” Says Washington watcher Ken Burk. “The Clintons needed to change the dynamic of this race. Do I think this kind of revelation will damage Obama? It’s hard to say, but I think responding quickly to the charges is a must in this situation. Obama must admit or deny the charge and then go the offensive, while at the same time keeping the high ground. He is definitely in a tough position.”

The Obama campaign had no comment on the reports, but said they would respond shortly.