Barack Obama Admits to Love Affair outside of Marriage to Michelle

(Washington DC) Ucs News– Responding to rumors spread by the McCain Campaign Illinois Senator Barack Obama stunned campaign staffers by admitting he had an affair. According to Obama the affair took place while he and Michelle were both working at the law firm of Sidley Austin.

GOP operatives connected to the Campaign of Arizona John McCain claim to have “love notes” written on the law firms letterhead. The notes, written by Obama are addressed to “my dear Miss Robinson” according to Mccain staffers.

A search of records confirm that a women named LaVaughn Robinson was employed by the firm while Barack and Michelle were working for the firm.

In a speech to supporters McCain blasted Obama for not coming forward about the affair sooner. “It’s about time the American people found out who Barack Obama really is….a two timing, mixed race, liberal, pretty boy.”

Michelle Obama unshaken by the scandal stood by her husband “I can’t believe John McCain would attack Barack this way. It’s just sleazy and by the way my maiden name is Michelle LaVaughn Robinson.”